Wood Milling


Portable Custom Sawmilling

Turn your logs into 

  • Lumber
  • Beams
  • Flooring
  • Project Wood

Mill at your site or drop logs at mine.


Turn your logs or future firewood into a family heirloom or usable lumber!

A renewed purpose for YOUR dead or dying trees!

I can saw your logs at your place or mine to custom thickness according to your needs.

Log Specifications
Log Capacity: 36" diameter x 21' long
Maximum Width of Cut: 28"
Hydraulic Loading Arm

Inwood Custom Cut will bring our mill to your site to cut your logs. You may also drop your logs at my place to process.

Coming Soon - A kiln! No need to wait a year for air drying to use your cut lumber, we can dry it in our kiln. Get your project started even sooner.


Contact Tom - our sawyer - for pricing & questions.